Coope San Juan

San Juan, Costa Rica


As a cooperative dedicated to providing travellers with community experiences and overnight accommodation, the Coope San Juan saw their community’s income coming increasingly from tourism instead of agriculture. This allowed families to have more income to improve their quality of life. Further, they were able to invest more into their agricultural initiatives.  This investment allows the community to keep their land and pay off their debts that they owed on their land. 

people directly impacted

Critical Need

Coope San Juan is a community cooperative dedicated to agriculture and natural forest preservation. Coope San Juan was established in 1985 by 12 families from the community of La Palmera and San Juan de Ciudad Quesada. The farm is 416 hectares (nearly 1000 acres), which is 62% of natural forest which the remaining land left to be cultivated by the families. 

Unfortunately, income from agriculture is limited.  The community was close to losing their land due to failed investments in agriculture, as their income was 95% agriculture leaving many families with just enough income to meet the basic needs of the families.

Our Involvement

With the tourism industry expanding in Costa Rica, Coope San Juan decided to start a homestay business. This tourism project is managed by the women of the community’s cooperative.

Planeterra funded 20 bicycles and related equipment, purchased at a discount from our generous local partners, Desafio, for the families to host travellers and provide cycling activities as part of the community experience. Planeterra also connected the cooperative with our travel industry partners to create a steady stream of income through group stays.

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