Migrantour Naples

Naples, Italy


The Casba Social Cooperative runs tours led by migrants to Naples, with the main goal of improving the lives of migrants by fostering acceptance from locals. Tours are created for local Italians, as well as tourists, students and anyone else interested in discovering their area from a fresh perspective to get to know newcomers to their city. Through tour guides who are migrants themselves, locals and travellers are exposed to the beauty created by a melting pot of cultures, languages, and religions living together harmoniously in Naples. Planeterra’s partnership with Casba enabled their tour guides to receive tourism training from a local professional, and also brings in much-needed revenue from tourism for the organization’s efforts.

guides employed
community members benefitting

Critical Need

Maai Mahiu town is located along the major tourist and trade route in East Africa.  This route is also known as the AIDS Highway due to the truck drivers who travel it propelled the spread of the disease. As adults become ill or die, they leave an ever-growing population of orphaned or abandoned children to fend for themselves on the garbage-strewn streets.  These hardships along with the communities roughly 80% unemployment rate makes it extremely difficult to build and empower themselves and those around them. The Ubuntu Team realized that lasting change begins with creating jobs, and building opportunities that empower the local community to take ownership of their own lives so that they can begin building a brighter future for their families and the wider community.

Our Involvement

Our ground partners, Ubuntu Team, empowers communities and creates jobs through social impact businesses in Kenya through Ubuntu Made, Ubuntu Cafe, and Ubuntu School. G Adventures supports Ubuntu Made and Ubuntu Cafe by including a stop at the Cafe on our tours in Kenya. By making intentional purchasing decisions, G Adventures are helping to provide a customer base to the Ubuntu Team that are providing jobs for marginalized women in Kenya. G Adventures travellers enjoy an included meal by Ubuntu Cafe, as well as shop the products sol locally as well as internationally as memorable and impactful souvenirs. These social businesses serve our Ubuntu School. Ubuntu School combats injustice surrounding the community of children with special needs by providing therapy, education, and vocational training.

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