Migrantour Rome

Rome, Italy


Through tour guides who are migrants themselves, travellers are exposed to the history of migration in Rome, and the beauty created by a melting pot of cultures, languages, and religions living together harmoniously. At the same time, newcomers are placed at the heart of the proposal, sharing their fresh perspective and multiplying the opportunities for meeting and dialogue. Not only does Planeterra’s partnership with Migrantour Rome help to spread their message, but also brings in much-needed revenue from tourism for the organization’s efforts across Europe through Planeterra’s links in the tourism industry.

guides employed
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Critical Need

Europe currently faces the greatest migration challenge since the end of World War II, with a large number of people seeking refuge from war, poverty, and political instability. More than 500,000 migrants have landed at Italian ports alone since 2014.

The Italian government continues to ask the European Union for financial support to manage the flow of migrants, mostly arriving from North Africa, but the flow of migrants to the country continues to grow. There exists a drastic need for economic opportunities and social programs for migrants entering Italy in search of a better life.

Our Involvement

Viaggi Solidali is a social cooperative operating since 2004 that promotes responsible tourism. In 2010, they conceived and developed the Migrantour project in Turin, which has since extended to other cities. Migrantour Rome is part of Viaggi Solidali, while the Migrantour network extends to other European cities managed by different non-profit organizations

Partnering with Planeterra, Migrantour Rome created an “alternative” tour that shows the multiculturalism, and hidden gems of Rome that make the city unique and diverse. Guests participate in a tour led by a newcomer to the city, who takes them to various shops, associations and places of worship for a wholesome intercultural experience that tourists in Rome rarely see.

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