Ngadas Community Homestay

Java, Indonesia


Planeterra was able to secure over 1,500 customers to visit the Tengger tribe annually through our partnership with G Adventures. The program benefits 498 households with ripple effects supporting many micro-enterprises that include: local farmers, local guides, drivers, tour guides, and homestay hosts. The homestay program is located inside of Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park and allows the older generation to diversify their income; as well as creating opportunities to provide employment for the next generation of Tenngerese to stay in their local community to work. Travellers have a chance to meet and stay in a traditional Tengger home, and explore the surroundings on a community developed hike.

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Ngadas Community Homestay

Critical Need

The village of Ngadas is home to 1,898 people in central Java. Ngadas is inhabited by the Tengger tribe, who claim to be the descendants of the Majapahit princes. This community acts as the protectors of the mountain, Mount Bromo Volcano, one of the most sacred sites in Indonesia. Over the past few decades, the Tengger people’s land has been subjected to illegal logging activities by external parties, and younger generations have begun relocating to urban areas. This has caused a loss of cultural retention in the area, leaving the older generation to sustain themselves. The Tenggerese people rely mostly on subsistence agriculture as their main source of income; with changes to climate in recent years, crop yields have also varied. Ngadas village had been introduced to homestay programs by the local government as part of a community tourism development program. Unfortunately, the homestays were left widely unvisited by travellers despite the community’s unique culture.

Our Involvement

Planeterra supported the Ngadas community to build their capacity and also provided a catalyst grant for infrastructure development. By working with the Tengger Tribe, we created a homestay and community tour program that was fully owned and managed by the Tengger people. Planeterra conducted a 6 month training program to improve locals’ skills and knowledge in guiding, meal preparation, healthy and safety, and homestay management. Further, a village walking tour and ancestor trek were designed with the community, and Planeterra provided a grant to improve the homestay facilities.

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