Ocean Health Fund

No matter where you live, you are directly affected by the health of our oceans. Our own personal health and livelihoods are interconnected with the well-being of the oceans. Tourism is just one of many industries that are not only dependent on the oceans for economic gain but, when done right, have the power to restore, protect and conserve marine health. 

In partnership with G Adventures, and supported by thousands of travellers across the world, Planeterra has been able to support organizations that specialize in protecting the health of our oceans. 

We partner with organizations who strive to ensure their work protects and restores our Oceans in harmony with local communities’ economies and well-being.

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Our Pillars

Species Conservation

Species conservation is vital for ocean health. Our planet’s diverse species maintain the delicate balance of marine ecosystems, with each organism’s role contributing to nutrient cycling, population control, and habitat formation. Overexploitation or disappearance of species disrupts this delicate balance, causing ripple effects which harm the ecosystem’s ability to meet the needs of its inhabitants. Ensuring oceans’ stability and resilience will, in turn, secure the resources, livelihoods, and the overall well-being of both marine life and the humans reliant on healthy oceans.

Ocean Waste Reduction

Ocean waste, especially plastic pollution, needs to be reduced to safeguard marine ecosystems, wildlife, and human health. Plastics take decades, if not centuries, to degrade, harming marine life through ingestion and entanglement. The chemicals released by plastics disrupt the marine food chain and could even enter human diets. By working with communities and organizations to reduce ocean waste, we protect biodiversity, preserve vital ecosystems, mitigate climate impact, and ensure a sustainable future for both the oceans and ourselves.

Climate and Biodiversity Research and Action

The oceans act as a significant regulator of the Earth’s climate, absorbing vast amounts of carbon dioxide and heat. Climate change impacts, such as rising sea temperatures and ocean acidification, directly harm marine life and ecosystems. Biodiversity loss disrupts species interactions and weakens the oceans’ resilience to environmental changes. Planeterra supports communities and organizations working to safeguard the oceans’ ability to mitigate climate effects and preserve their rich biodiversity, ensuring a sustainable and thriving marine environment for future generations.

Support the next generation of Ocean Stewards

Community tourism has the potential to become a powerful ally in the protection of ocean health. By embracing sustainable practices, educating visitors, funding conservation efforts and fostering a sense of environmental responsibility, community tourism can help minimize negative impacts on coastal and marine ecosystems. Planeterra empowers, supports and connects community tourism enterprises with the resources they need to ensure tourism is a powerful force in conserving wildlife, funding climate and biodiversity action and reducing ocean waste.