Puesta del Sol

Ometepe, Nicaragua


Puesta del Sol has created new job opportunities which has strengthened the economy and quality of life of La Paloma. This has created access to formal education for the members of the Paloma community. They have also developed a series of training programs related to tourism and new tourism initiatives. The Association has created a community fund that allows them to provide scholarships, support the elderly and invest in community infrastructure (local school, local park and others).

people directly impacted
community members indirectly benefitting

Critical Need

Job opportunities are scarce on the island of Ometepe, which forces many people to emigrate to find work and be able to support their families. The Puesta del Sol community association was founded by women in the community to provide more job opportunities and better the quality of life for the people on the island.

Puesta del Sol received funding from foundations previously in order to develop a homestay program and a community center in their village. However, there were never enough customers to sustain the businesses. Community homestays are often in remote areas and lack the ability to market their services, resulting in little revenue. 

Our Involvement

Planeterra Foundation worked with the community of La Paloma on Ometepe Island to strengthen the homestay program and visitor center for groups. This provides a stable income to a small village that has traditionally lacked the opportunity to benefit from tourism.  Planeterra helped introduce Puesta Del Sol to tour operator G Adventures to help provide a steady stream of travellers. 

Puesta del Sol Association Ometepe, Nicaragua

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