The transformation behind a donation

Written by Julia Pitcher – Communications and Development Coordinator

Planeterra is proud to have such an amazing base of supporters contributing to ensuring tourism dollars remain in the hands of local people. With thousands of donors over the years joining us in protecting the environment and empowering women, youth, and Indigenous and rural communities.

If it wasn’t for our network of supporters we wouldn’t have been able to help develop 100 community tourism enterprises and get them ready to enter the international market with our partners. We wouldn’t have been able to give over 500 communities access to our one-of-a-kind online training resources and facilitate peer-to-peer learning.

In 2022, we wouldn’t have been able to start our Global Community Tourism Fund which saw grants going to 7 communities needing a hand up as they got ready to welcome travellers. Donations over the last year have enabled our team and partners to join forces yet again, helping community tourism enterprises recover from the impacts of COVID-19 and continue turning travel into impact.

It feels amazing to be able to share the transformation behind these donations. In the last year, our donors have enabled our team and partners to join forces, helping community tourism enterprises recover from the impacts of COVID-19 and continue turning travel into impact. Here are just a few examples of what supporting Planeterra looks like on the ground. 

In collaboration with The Mongolian Down Syndrome Association, No Limits Cafe provides job skills and employment for young adults with down syndrome and their mothers.

In the past, they were left out of skill training and shunned due to societal norms, leaving them unable to access employment opportunities. Planeterra has been able to provide training and equipment upgrades, increasing the Cafe’s reach even more.

With the new equipment, the cafe can now host and gain an income from travellers, providing coffee and homemade snacks. Planeterra shared technical training resources helping the mothers and youth feel more confident than ever in their abilities.

We are so excited for when they will receive their first travellers from our partner, G Adventures, bringing in sustainable income for their inspirational work.

No Limits Cafe
Zoológico Mágico

Zoológico Mágico, an Indigenous, women-owned-and-run cooperative is celebrating the Zapoteca culture in Oaxaca, Mexico.

In the area, there are 24 traditional artisans who make authentic Alebrijes, a traditional wooden figure. Unfortunately, fake copies of the art are on the rise at shops in the main tourist hub, increasing the risk of losing this traditional skill in favour of the more abundant and cheap alternative.

With contributions from our supporters, we are all working to strengthen the preservation of Alebrijes and provide employment opportunities for Indigenous women fighting against the commodification of their culture. 

This includes grants to be able to improve their workshop facilities, not just as a storefront, but to host travellers for an authentic handicraft experience. Through one-to-one mentorship, Zoólogico Mágico was also able to further develop their business and connect to the international market.

This support means that travellers will soon get to experience the cultural heritage of famous Oaxacan artisans and know that their visit is bringing long-term sustainability to the women-run cooperative.

The Museo Comunitario Isla Maciel is a community group of teachers, students and parents supporting community development and well-being in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

Our donors have helped make sure Planeterra is able to partner with this inspiring organization working together to achieve their goals of breaking the stigma associated with their neighbourhood. While providing youth with opportunities to gain skills in tourism and connecting them to the global marketplace. 

Through investing in the development of a new kitchen, training programs and the group’s ‘Paint Your Island’ project, Planeterra increased the capacity of local infrastructure to host travellers. Now, visitors will be taken on a community tour with newly trained youth guides showcasing beautiful murals painted by local artists, and hear the inspirational story of how they are working together to better their community while combatting social discrimination. 

We love sharing the positive impact our supporters have on the development of sustainable livelihoods around the world, it goes to show that when we work together, the potential is infinite. Community changemakers like No Limits Café, Zoológico Mágico, and Museo Comunitario Isla Maciel are just a few of our partners that donors have supported.

Our Global Community Tourism Network has now connected over 500 communities just like them, all working hard to use tourism to change lives. 

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