G Adventures, Reforest & Planeterra: Uplifting communities one tree at a time

Recognizing the urgent need to address climate change and biodiversity loss, and in alignment with their commitment to supporting local communities and social enterprises, G Adventures has recently unveiled the “Trees for Days” initiative. Through this innovative program, they will actively contribute to communities by planting, maintaining, sustaining, and safeguarding one tree for every day a traveler spends on tour with them.

The High Atlas Foundation Morocco

The primary objective of Trees for Days is to support organizations dedicated to tree cultivation, with a particular emphasis on enhancing community resilience and well-being in the face of the adverse impacts of climate change and supporting biodiversity conservation efforts.

G Adventures has partnered with Planeterra, who will be responsible for growing and maintaining trees for this new program. To firmly integrate positive environmental impact into their customer offering, G Adventures sought to create a simple, tangible, and personalized customer campaign focused on growing trees as part of a proactive response to the climate-biodiversity crisis.

To find the right solution, G Adventures embarked on an international quest to find environmentally-conscious partners. Ultimately, they discovered an ideal collaborator in Reforest, an Australian-based social enterprise renowned for assisting businesses and events in taking authentic climate and nature-positive actions by planting trees in high-quality, local Reforestation projects. What sets Reforest apart is its unwavering commitment to delivering tangible impact to its partners and their audience.

Reforest’s advanced technology platform enables G Adventures to meticulously track the impact of each reforestation project. This transparency ensures that G Adventures’ commitment to authentic climate action is not just a promise but a tangible reality. Every tree planted, every ounce of CO2 removed, and every bit of habitat restored is meticulously documented, providing travelers with real-time insight into the positive change their actions are bringing about.

G Adventures didn’t stop at simply planting trees; they took an additional step by connecting Reforest with the Planeterra Foundation’s restoration projects. Now, Planeterra collaborates closely with Reforest to monitor the progress and accomplishments of our tree-growing program.

Trees for Days, a more tangible and engaging alternative to traditional flight offsetting, allows every G Adventures customer to actively participate in tree planting to offset the impact of their flights. These trees contribute to fourteen distinct global Planeterra projects, each of which supports environmental restoration while providing benefits to local communities.

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