Barefoot for India raises $1456

Stirling Weir, a previous G Adventures CEO (Chief Experience Officer), who is now a Operations CEO specialisit decided to use his vacation time for good. A simple pledge to walk barefoot for one day while travelling in India ended up raising $1,456 for Planeterra. From Planeterra we just wanted to say a huge thank you to Stirling for his generosity and his creativity!

Here’s what Stirling proposed through his GoFundMe page:

“As many of you know I’m currently traveling through India, a country known equally for its abundance of cultural beauty, as well as its visibly crippling poverty. Instead of remaining passive towards the thousands of people affected by poverty that I come across on this trip, I have decided to try and fight for them. On February 3rd – in an attempt to raise personal awareness, public awareness, and money for a good cause – I plan to spend the entire day barefoot while I tour around the city of Varkala in Southern India. I ask your help in raising money for Planeterra, a non-profit whose goal is to sponsor Social Enterprises (i.e., locally owned businesses) that will bring disaffected communities into the tourism industry all around the world. I believe in Planeterra’s mission because it provides lasting support to people in need by creating jobs, while improving the experiences of travelers from all backgrounds (If you want to learn more about Planeterra, you can visit them at their website,

I’m also pledging to cover GoFundMe’s 8% service charge, so that all money donated goes straight to Planeterra. So if you donate $100, GoFundMe will give me $92, but I will still donate all $100 to Planeterra. If you’d like to donate directly to Planeterra, just let me know how much you donated and I’ll add it to the campaign.On behalf of the billions of people living in poverty around the world, I thank you all for your support. And be sure to follow me on Instagram (@stirls101) or Facebook on the 3rd to watch my experience going barefoot. I have no doubt that I’ll accidentally step in something strange and disgusting, hopefully to your squeamish joy.
Help spread the word!”
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