It’s clear to us that our partners need Planeterra more than ever. Turn travel into impact from home by donating to Planeterra Foundation. 


We know these are unprecedented times and everyone’s lives are being impacted by COVID-19. Planeterra’s community is truly global, with project partners in more than 50 countries around the world, impacting over 65,000 people last year alone. Planeterra and our project partners are being impacted by the collapse of international travel. This global pandemic requires a strong and united stance - we are all in this together. 


In the interest of public safety, many countries around the world have asked businesses to close and for people to stay home, and as a result, these projects have had to close their doors to visitors.


Our project partners around the world are struggling with the lack of income to support their families.
- Project staff and beneficiaries are at risk of not being able to pay for essential household expenses (water, food, etc.)
- Projects risk closing down because of an inability to pay for the space they use to host travellers and run their programs
- Projects will lose the ability to employ people which would result in hundreds, perhaps thousands, of jobs lost, and the loss of income for their families  
- Project staff will no longer have training or capacity building to strengthen their small community-based business
- Projects that provide a lifeline to crucial  programs that support refugees, people who are differently-abled, victims of domestic violence, and more, could be lost


Your donation will go to:
- Emergency assistance grants to project partners to cover basic needs
-Provide vital resources, training and capacity building to help them get through these difficult times


With fewer people travelling and providing a way to earn an income in these communities, it’s vital that we plan ahead to ensure they have what they need now and are ready as soon as travel is less restricted. If you would like to support these communities, we invite you to make a donation. 
We have seen first-hand the ability travel has to change people’s lives, and when you choose to go abroad, we implore you to continue to use travel as a force for good.