Update: On August 2nd,2020 we raised over $75,000, with Bruce Poon Tip's match we raised a total of $100,000 CAD.
Update: On June 8th, 2020 we reached our $50,000 goal! To keep the momentum going Planeterra Founder and Chair of the board, Bruce Poon Tip, has pledged to match donations until the end of the campaign.
Planeterra projects offer authentic experiences - from delicious local meals, to comfy homestays and insightful tours. We know many of you have made meaningful connections visiting our projects. And now, they need you! Turn travel into Impact from home by donating to Planeterra Foundation.

These are unprecedented times, and everyone’s lives are being impacted by COVID-19, including Planeterra and our project partners, who are being affected by the collapse of international travel. Many members of Planeterra’s global community of over 65,000 people, have found themselves unable to meet their basic needs like food and medicine. 


With 85 project partners in more than 50 countries, we are receiving information about Indigenous communities unable to access water, rural communities reliant on tourism unable to purchase food for their families, and small nonprofits without the funds to support their beneficiaries, like women and youth. 


Not only are basic necessities needed, but Planeterra partners are reaching out for support - in search of information about how to keep their communities safe, diversify their income, and plan for the future.

You can Turn Travel Into Impact from Home by donating now, and help these communities weather the storm, so they can continue to provide life-changing experiences for travellers yet to come.


Your donation will provide:


- Grants around the world, so project partners can cover basic needs like food, soap, and medicine for their staff and beneficiaries 


-Support and vital resources, training and capacity building to help Planeterra’s project partners get through these difficult times