D'danau Homestay

Kota Belud Sabah, Malaysia


D’danau is a beautiful homestay located in Kota Belud Sabah, Malaysia, an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. The local community provides accommodation, cooking classes, a natural fish spa, a water bath tube, forest trekking and mountain climbing. Visitors can also learn about the lives of the Borneo people, and enjoy the cool climate and peaceful atmosphere. D’danau’s mission is to promote their culture and way of life, protect the environment and enhance their livelihood.

D’danau’ homestay provides job opportunities for locals engaging in providing the experiences to travellers for hiking, water tubing, cooking classes and other activities. The income generated from tourism allows the community to collect fees that are invested in the nature conservation and development of the village. 

Community members directly impacted
community members indirectly benefiting

Critical Need

D’danau Homestay started operating in September 2018 with limited prior experience in hosting foreign guests. Their establishment boasts an exquisite and unspoiled natural environment, which they aim to share with a wider audience, including both domestic and international visitors. They are in need to connect with the wider travel market not only to showcase the beauty of their surroundings but also to enhance their livelihoods by offering unique tourism experiences.

Our Involvement

Planeterra helped D’danau Homestay to enhance the quality of their services and experiences to cater to both domestic and international travellers Moreover, by collaborating with our corporate travel partners, we can guarantee a steady influx of visitors to D’danau Homestay, thereby contributing to the local community’s economic growth through sustained tourism revenue.

Through this collaboration, D’danau Homestay hopes to further improve the living conditions and job opportunities of the local people and also, to learn from different cultures by creating meaningful encounters with travellers. 


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