Yimsoo Cafe Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand
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The Universal Foundation for Persons with Disabilities is a non-profit organization that helps people with disabilities by setting up vocational training centres in central and northern Thailand and providing occupational support for persons with disabilities. They also run “Yimsoo Cafe”, a coffee shop operated by differently-abled people to empower them and voice out through the community that they can do anything they set their minds to accomplish.

At Yimsoo Cafe, you can not only enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a bowl of boat noodles cooked by their talented team, but you can also learn how to use sign language and place your orders. You can even join in a hands-on experience to prepare some local cuisine dishes during your trip. This program allows Yimsoo and the Foundation to create more job and training opportunities.

community members directly impacted

Critical Need

The Universal Foundation for Persons with Disabilities has supported differently-abled people by providing them with training and work opportunities at the Yimsoo Cafe for over six years. In addition, they have done an excellent job showing the community how capable these people are.

However, with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have struggled to find customers and make their business profitable. 

Our Involvement

With the support of Planeterra, they have a viable source of income outside grants. They use this income to support their vocational training centers for differently-abled people in central and northern Thailand, which serve more than 200 people every year. They also plan to invest in an expansion project of Yimsoo Cafe to create more jobs for differently-abled people.

Likewise, having more customers visiting Yimsoo Cafe, will allow them to raise awareness about the importance of their work.