Yimsoo Farm, Mae Rim

Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand


The Universal Foundation for Persons with Disabilities is a non-profit organization committed to assisting individuals with disabilities. One of its remarkable initiatives is the operation of “Yimsoo Farm, Mae Rim,” primarily staffed by individuals with disabilities.

Visitors to the farm can participate in a tour, gaining insights into vocational training activities conducted by the Foundation. The experience includes a traditional North Thailand meal prepared by the team, providing hands-on exploration of activities that showcase the rich Lanna culture and tradition.

This project aims to spotlight the importance and value of the work done by persons with disabilities, empowering them to become exemplary citizens who positively influence society. The initiative has successfully fostered a better understanding of disabilities, transforming perceptions and recognizing them as valuable contributors to society.

differently-abled people benefitting
people indirectly benefitting

Critical Need

The Universal Foundation for Persons with Disabilities is dedicated to establishing vocational training centers in central and northern Thailand, along with providing occupational support for individuals with disabilities. In the past, the community did not benefit from tourism due to a lack of technical support and confidence to host international travelers. The primary focus was on their disability, rather than their strengths and resilient attitude.

Consequently, they were unable to participate in tourism activities in Thailand. Additionally, Yimsoo Farms, Mae Rim, lacked market connectivity and the training needed to host travelers in the past.

Our Involvement

Planeterra has played a crucial role in introducing the Universal Foundation for Persons with Disabilities to the international community, enriching the understanding of persons with disabilities in Thailand through visits and showcasing their work and achievements. Those benefiting from Yimsoo Farm have gained a renewed sense of confidence and are earning income, serving as beacons of hope for communities globally.

Moving forward, the goal is to raise awareness of this project, encouraging more individuals to visit and witness the impactful work carried out by persons with disabilities within their organization. Through these efforts, the organization aspires to create more jobs and opportunities for persons with disabilities.