Introducing: 15 New Planeterra Projects

Planeterra is excited to introduce to you the amazing partnerships that have been established over the last year. From Whistler, Canada to Bohol, Philippines, these new partnerships spread across the entire globe.

This year we are introducing three new women’s projects, three projects that empower at-risk youth, and nine new community-based projects. Planeterra invested over $500,000 to support and kick-start these social enterprises and provide the valuable link to G Adventures’ customer base. Starting 2018, all of these new partnerships will be integrated in G Adventures itineraries, allowing these community-owned organizations to profit and grow through tourism. 

Click through to read more about each project below:

Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre

Whistler, Canada
An indigenous centre in Whistler where travellers are treated to a traditional tea ceremony, bannock tasting and museum visit led by Indigenous guide trained through centre’s training programs.

!Khwa ttu San Cultural Centre

North Cape Town, South Africa
An interpretive museum where travellers learn about San culture and history through a unique tour, run by San guides participating in the centre’s training program for youth.

Make A Difference Homestay

Maribojoc, Philippines
A community homestay which works to bring livelihood opportunities back to a community deeply affected by the 2013 earthquake, lessening dependence on agriculture. 

Jukil Community Lodge

Santiago de Agencha, Bolivia
A community-owned lodge in the salt flats that was once shut down because of lack of tourists – now, 2,500 G Adventures travellers visit the lodge each year.

Wiwa Tours

Sierra Nevada, Colombia
We have worked with the Wiwa community in Gotsezhi to increase livelihood opportunities along the Lost City Trek in Colombia. A new trekking route was established to increase livelihood opportunities including a training kitchen, meal and handicraft experience.

Parque de la Papa

Pampallacta, Peru
An association of six communities dedicating to preserving seeds of Peru’s 3,000+ potato varieties. Travellers get to learn about the potato harvest, seed conservation program and weaving process.


Windhoek, Namibia
A restaurant and handicraft workshop that employs 30 disadvantaged women and creates livelihoods for over 200 women in Namibia. G Adventures travellers will enjoy a meal courtesy of Penduka, supporting these women and the social enterprise itself.  


Bagan, Myanmar/Burma
A youth training restaurant that provides training to 30 marginalized youth every year. G Adventures will bring about 300 international travellers to Sanon each year, which gives the youth more opportunity to practice and learn English.


Migrantour Rome

Rome, Italy
A social enterprise that trains migrants to give tours of the city – with their own flair. G Adventures travellers will learn all about a different side of Rome from a newcomer to Italy as your guide with Migrantour,

Panauti Community Homestay

Panauti, Nepal
A community homestay run by 17 women in Panauti, giving travellers a taste of the local lifestyle. Located just outside of Kathmandu, this homestay provides a great alternative to the city experience. 

Sthree Craft Shop and Cafe

Kandy, Sri Lanka
A craft shop and cafe run by the Women’s Development Centre to empower women and at-risk youth through livelihood opportunities. This social enterprise supports excluded entrepreneurs and nonprofit programs.

Migrantour Naples with Co-op Casba

Naples, Italy
A cultural mediator and NGO with a mandate to educate locals about migrants and diverse cultures and religions. G Adventures travellers will get a unique tour which combines historic sites with landmarks important to the wide variety of migrant groups.


Yangoon, Myanmar/Burma
A training restaurant supported through a partnership with Planeterra and Friends International, training 8 vulnerable youth each year in hospitality. Planeterra has provided funding to improve the restaurant and for capacity building of the students.

Mto wa Mbu

Rift Valley, Tanzania
A community tour which provides travellers with a taste of local life, while improving livelihood opportunities for community members. Planeterra works with their Tourism Enterprise to improve the impact of tourism. 

Espai Mescladis

Barcelona, Spain
A training kitchen and cafe for migrants, refugees, and youth, that helps create opportunities for employment and promotes a culture of diversity in Barcelona. 

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