11 New Projects Launch

Last year at this time, the Planeterra Foundation launched the ambitious 50 in 5 Campaign, to raise $5 million CAD to develop 50 new social enterprise projects by 2020. Since that time, we have been working hard to set the pace for the next five years, and we are pleased to share with you some of our results.

Since September 2015, the Planeterra Foundation has raised an astounding $1.1 million dollars. Our founding partner G Adventures’ continues to provide a generous annual donation to support our operating costs. This means that 100% of public and corporate donations are directed towards our projects. At our launch, we were also fortunate to receive multi-year funding from Live Out There and Deloitte to kick start news projects each year throughout the campaign.

With these donations, Planeterra has been able to launch 11 new social development projects in nine countries. That translates to 34,475 new community members whose lives are being changed by our work since the launch of 50 in 5.

Click through to read more about each of the projects launched through Planeterra’s 50 in 5 Campaign:

  1. Ubuntu Community Lunch (Kenya)
  2. Bike with Purpose (Belize)
  3. Cafe Chloe Training Restaurant (Australia)
  4. Barauli Community Homestay (Nepal)
  5. The Castaway (Oceans)
  6. Turkey Almond Park (Turkey)
  7. Belize Women’s Pottery Project (Belize)
  8. Tengger Community Homestay (Indonesia)
  9. Bali Community Lunch (Indonesia)
  10. El Hongo Community Restaurant (Mexico)
  11. Magdas Refugee Employment Hotel (Austria)

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