Introducing: 17 New Planeterra Projects

Planeterra is excited to introduce to you the amazing partnerships that have been established over the last year. From Navajo Nation in the USA to the small town of Hagi in Japan, these new partnerships spread across the entire globe. Click through to read more about each project below:

Life Monteverde

Monteverde, Costa Rica
Sustainable farm and coffee producer focused on environmental education.

Tribal Textiles

Mfuwe, Zambia
Cafe and artisan workshop with product proceeds supporting wildlife protection.


Grand Canyon, Navajo Nation
Social enterprise incubator supporting Indigenous-owned businesses in Navajo Nation.

Lusumpuko Women's Club

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Women's cooperative specializing in traditional Zimbabwean cuisine.

AidChild Equation Cafe & Gallery

Kayabwe (Equator), Uganda
Cafe and youth training program supporting HIV-positive children.

Mekong Homestay Program

Mekong Delta, Laos
Indigenous Laotian community homestay experience.

Favela Experience

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Favela tour supporting five community social enterprises.

Tamarind Gardens Farm

Digana, Sri Lanka
Community guest house and dairy farm providing alternative livelihoods to community members.


Solheimar Eco-village

Selfoss, Iceland
Purposeful community that empowers and employs community members living with disabilities.

Jia Community Restaurant

Liandaowan, China
Woman owned and run restaurant and community centre on the Li River.

Amba Chutney Cooperative

Bandarawela, Sri Lanka
Co-operative of women trained in mango chutney production for livelihood development.

Hagi Homestay Association

Hagi, Japan
Homestay run by ageing population in Hagi.

Resourceful Otautahi

Christchurch, New Zealand
Social enterprise focused on resourcefulness of people and planet as a means of community building.

Kao Tep Pitak

Kao Tep Pitak, Thailand
Community-led homestay, meals and experiences.

Beit Khayrat Souf

Souf, Jordan
Woman owned and run cafe in Jordan serving traditional meals and hosting cooking classes.

Laem Sak Community Tourism

Laem Sak, Thailand
Community-led tours and sea kayaking.

Al Numeira Environmental Cafe

South Ghour, Jordan
Youth training and community centre for environmental sustainability of the Dead Sea area.

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